A Starbug is one of the smaller JMC landing crafts. There are a few of them in the Red Dwarf docking bay. The Starbug design is basically three balls in a row, the smallest housing the cockpit and the largest the engines. Crew quarters are located in the middle section. The craft has four legs, so it can land on planet surfaces. These legs can change into tracks, so a Starbug can move on the surface of a planet (RD5: Terrorform). Starbugs are not equipped with weapons.

During Dave Lister's many adventures, a number of Starbug spaceships were crashed by the Dwarfers.

The Starbug of Series 6 & 7Edit

The Starbug with which the dwarfers explored the wreck of the SS Esperanto (RD5: Back to Reality), would become their home for the next couple of centuries. When the mothership Red Dwarf disappeared, the Starbug crew followed its trail. They were unaware that Red Dwarf had been restructured by Kryten's nanobots (RD7: Nanarchy).

While Lister and Cat were put into the stasis booths and Rimmer was switched off, Kryten remained to pilot the ship until he felt they were near enough Red Dwarf to reactivate the crew after several centuries. In the meantime, he had the bug fitted with a "garbage cannon" - a weapon handy enough to shoot stray asteroids out of Starbug's flight path (RD6: Psirens).

Starbug's engines were improved and laser guns fitted by simulants who wanted to turn the ship into something worth fighting. Taking advantage of their new weapons, the Starbuggers managed to defeat the simulants (RD6: Gunmen of the Apocalypse).

The most dramatic changes occurred in the aftermath of Starbug and the crew being destroyed by their own, decadent future selves (RD6: Out of Time). This created a paradox with the unforeseeable consequence of Starbug becoming bigger on the inside than on the outside (RD7: Tikka to Ride). It now boasted a vast cargo deck as well as a fully equipped AR Suite.

Starbug crashlanded into the rebuilt Red Dwarf's cargo deck and exploded, though the crew was saved (RD8: Back in the Red, part 1).


  • Kryten named Starbug's washing machine "Frank".

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