The series' first episode is appropriately called "The End", because everyone on board the Jupiter Mining Corporation's space ship "Red Dwarf" dies. They are wiped out by a radiation leak caused by a loose drive plate which Second Technician Arnold J. Rimmer failed to fix. The only survivor is David "Dave" Lister, who, as Third Technician, held the lowest rank aboard the ship, because he was put in stasis for bringing on board an unquarantined cat.

Lister is released from stasis by the ship's computer Holly three million years later when the radiation level is safe again. In the meantime, a race of cat people evolved from Lister's pregnant cat, which Holly had sealed in the hold. The cat people, however, have been long gone when Lister comes out of stasis. One cat, who goes by the name of Cat, was left behind, though.

Moreover, to keep Lister company, Holly has created his bunk mate Arnold Rimmer as a hologram, who has still got the drives, desires and ineptitudes of his former self.

Together with his companions, Lister tries to escape boredom as the last surviving human while finding a way back to earth.

Episodes Edit

  • The End
  • Future Echoes
  • Balance of Power
  • Waiting for God
  • Confidence & Paranoia
  • Me²