Olaf Petersen is played by Mark Williams.

Catering Officer Olaf Petersen is Dave Lister's best friend on Red Dwarf. Like Lister and their mates Selby and Chen, Petersen likes to party and has a taste for women (RD2: Stasis Leak) and alcohol. He is Danish and is quite attached to his home country: One of the tatoos on his right arm says "Denmark forever". The other one says "Candy" (RD1: Balance of Power).

Petersen was killed by the radiation leak like the rest of the crew.

Also, like the rest of the crew, he was resurrected by the nanobots. When Lister was imprisoned in the Tank, Petersen managed to organise food and other things for him.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Petersen is mentioned in Series VIII, he is never seen on screen, because actor Mark Williams was unavailable for the shoot.