Kochanski is played by C.P. Grogan in series I, II and VI and by Chloë Annett in series VII and VIII.

Early Life Edit

Depending on the point of view, Kristine Kochanski was a promising or spoilt child. She was brought in the Gorbals, apparently the "trendiest part" of Glasgow. Her parents were rich, and she was sent to a good cyberschool. She spent eleven years in cyberschool with "perfect" CG teachers and friends.

She was kind of shocked when she had to face the real world after leaving school at eighteen. She became a retro-punk, though on the whole she was far from being rebellious (RD7: Duct Soup).

On Red Dwarf Edit

Kristine Kochanski is a navagation officer aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. She usually works in the drive room. Dave Lister is secretly in love with her and calls her "Krissy".

She is killed, like the rest of the crew, by the radiation leak.

Her life three million years later Edit

While she is clearly dead in Lister's own dimension, she, instead of Lister, has survived in a parallel universe. When the surviving parties meet in a non-space, she is forced to stay with Lister, as the connection to her own dimension is destroyed by the Gelfs (RD7: Ouroboros). She has problems fitting in, nonetheless because of Kryten who is jealous of her.

When the Starbuggers return to the recreated Red Dwarf, it appears that the nanobots have not resurrected the dimension's own Kristine Kochanski. Like Lister, she is charged with stealing Starbug and crashing it and is therefore sent to prison.

Eventually, however, she dies when the new Red Dwarf is destroyed (Back to Earth).


  • baths
  • clothes, make-up and shoping
  • cottage cheese with pieces of pineapple