There are quite a number of characters in Red Dwarf who don't like each other. Some of their insults are hilarious. Here is a list:

Rimmer Edit

insulting Lister Edit

- git (RD1: Future Echoes)

- ugly goit (RD1: Future Echoes)

- pregnant, baboon-bellied space beatnik (RD1: Future Echoes)

- rectum-faced pygmy (RD1: Balance of Power)

- dishwasher-breath (RD1: Balance of Power)

insulting Holly Edit

- goit (RD1: Future Echoes)

- stupid, jumped-up filofax (RD1: Future Echoes)

Lister Edit

insulting Rimmer Edit

- quark brain (RD1: Balance of Power)


insulting ListerEdit

- Priscilla Queen of Deep Space (mainly because of Lister's pink gown) (RD7: Ouroborous)

insulting KrytenEdit

- wig-stand head (RD7: Duct Soup)

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