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Not much can be said about George's character. He seems to have been a popular crew member, judged by the enthusiasm displayed during his welcome-back party (RD1: The End). He was Welsh, as the Welsh Dragon can be seen on the capsule containing his body's ashes. He requested "See you later, Alligator" as a funeral song.

As a Hologram Edit

Flight Coordinator George McIntyre has been dead from the beginning of Series I. He used to be Red Dwarf's Flight Coordinator. However, his character is recreated as a hologram by the ship's computer, Holly, so McIntyre can continue to perform his duties.

As Holly was originally able to sustain only one hologram, George must have been turned off or erased when Rimmer was installed as the ship's hologram. Since George died before the radiation accident, he seems not have been resurrected by the nanobots.

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  • It appears that George McIntyre's character only served the purpose of establishing the concept of hologramatic characters in the series.

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