Dave Lister bought this female cat during shore leave on Titan. He didn't know or didn't care that it was forbidden to bring unquarantined animals aboard his space ship, Red Dwarf. Lister knew that Frankenstein was pregnant, and he names a black tomcat on Titan as the kittens' father (RD1: The End). Lister also calls Frankenstein "Frankie".

Lister took photos of himself with Frankenstein, as the cat was part of his plan to move to Fiji and open a donut diner there. The photos were developed in the ship's laboratory, so Captain Hollister became informed about the presence of Frankenstein aboard Red Dwarf. He ordered Lister to give him the cat so that it could be examined and disected. Rather than forfeiting his cat's life, Lister forfeited his remaining wages and chose the stasis chamber as punishment.

When the nuclear accident killed the crew, the ship's computer Holly saved Frankenstein and her unborn kittens by sealing them in the hold. Eventually, within the next millions of years while Lister remained in stasis, the cat race evolved from Frankenstein and her kittens.

Frankenstein in the legends of the cat people Edit

According to the Cat Bible, which Cat brought Lister (RD1: Waiting for God), the cats referred to Frankenstein as the "holy mother", who was saved by "Cloister the Stupid" (Lister). Cloister chose to be frozen in time so that Frankenstein could live. Cat also mentions the "virgin birth" of Frankenstein's kittens, to which Lister replied that the father was a tomcat on Titan.

Cat himself, however, says that no cat believes in these old stories any more.

Continuity Problems Edit

  • In RD5: Quarantine Cat calls Kryten "Frankenstein", meaning, erroneously, Frankenstein's monster as described by Shelley.