Cat is played by Danny John-Jules.


When Lister meets Cat for the first time, he is self-absorbed and vain. He does not care for any other person than himself. However, as he spends more time with Lister, he gradually becomes more social.

Cat does indeed believe that the universe revolves around him (RD7: Duct Doup).

His Life Before Meeting ListerEdit

According to the dying cat priest, he was born to "the cripple and the idiot"; the last child born to the cat people who stayed behind after the majority of them left Red Dwarf (RD1: Waiting for God). Cat never cared much for his ancestry, but he liked to investigate the ship, displaying wondrous excitement when finding new things, such as a yo-yo (RD1: Balance of Power).

He attended "kitty school", where he was taught about the religious stories of Cloister the Stupid and Frankenstein the Holy Mother, though he does not believe in them. Actually, he seems to have been a kind of rebel, since the cat religion sees slobbiness as the righteous path (RD1: Waiting for God).

Eventually, all the other cats died, leaving only him and the old priest.

His life after meeting ListerEdit

He has an even bigger ego and is almost killed by rimmer!