Arnold J. Rimmer

A smug Arnold J. Rimmer

Arnold J. Rimmer is played by Chris Barrie.

Character Edit

He is very ambitious, though utterly incompetent. He is also envious, petty-minded and backstabbing. Although he is a coward, he is intrigued by military life and the history of warfare. He always maintains that he is very disciplined, although he cheats himself while exercising.

Early Life Edit

Unlike his older brothers, Arnold was never sent to cadet school. His brothers liked to torture him; perhaps because of that he became "a master of hide and seek" (RD1: Balance of Power). At school, his nickname was "Bonehead", though he wanted to be called "Ace". He claims that his father hated him and saw him as a failure. At a young age, he started working for the Jupiter Mining Corporation. It is likely that he started trying to become an officer even before his job on Red Dwarf.

Rimmer's time aboard Red Dwarf up to his death Edit

On Red Dwarf, Rimmer worked as Second Technician, having command over one man, Third Technician Dave Lister. He also shared a room with him, though very reluctantly. His character traits made him the most unpopular man on the ship (RD1: Balance of Power). He tried unsuccessfully to pass the exam to become an officer. He failed the astro-navigation exam ten times (RD1: Future Echoes), which he blames on Dave Lister.

After Lister had gone into stasis, Rimmer forgot to seal the drive plate, therefore causing a radiation leak that wiped out the whole crew of Red Dwarf (RD1: The End).

Rimmer as a hologramEdit

He was created as a hologram by the ship's computer Holly in order to keep Dave Lister company. The hologramatic Rimmer knew that he would not have been Lister's choice as a companion, so he hid the holo-discs containing the data of the other crew members. He tried to excise his power as a "superior technician" over Lister, though only with limited success. Once Lister had gained access to the hidden cigarette supplies, he would not obey Rimmer any more.



  • Dave Lister
  • Lister playing the guitar
  • Front-seat drivers (RD4: White Hole)