Throughout the show's series, the main characters encountered different versions of themselves or of other people they knew from their own dimension.

List of alternative characters followed by the episode they occur in: Edit

Dave Lister Edit

  • female Lister (RD2: Parallel Universe)
  • fearless Lister (RD3: Polymorph)
  • rich Lister (RD3: Timeslides)
  • Man Plus (RD4: DNA)
  • Spanners (RD4: Dimension Jump)
  • alternative Lister (RD5: The Inquisitor)
  • high Lister (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • low Lister (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • Voter Colonel Sebastian Doyle (RD5: Back to Reality)
  • Psiren Lister (RD6: Psirens)
  • Bret Riverboat (RD6: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)
  • Hologram Lister (RD7: Ouroboros)

Arnold Rimmer Edit

  • female Rimmer (RD2: Parallel Universe)
  • peaceful Rimmer (RD3: Polymorph)
  • Ace Rimmer (RD4: Dimension Jump; RD6: Emohawk - Polymorph II; RD7: Stoke me a Clipper)
  • mind-patched Rimmer (RD5: Holoship)
  • high Rimmer (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • low Rimmer (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • Billy Doyle (RD5: Back to Reality)
  • Captain Rimmer (RD8: Only the Good...)

Cat Edit

  • Father Cat (RD4: Dimension Jump)
  • Cat without self-respect (RD3: Polymorph)
  • high Cat (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • low Cat (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • Duane Dibbley (RD5: Back to Reality; RD6: Emohawk - Polymorph II)
  • alternative Cat (RD7: Ouroboros)
  • The Professor (RD8: Only the Good...)

Holly Edit

  • Queeg (RD2: Queeg)
  • Hilly (RD2: Parallel Universe)
  • high Holly (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • low Holly (RD5: Demons & Angels)

Kryten Edit

  • human Kryten (RD4: DNA)
  • immoral Kryten (RD3: Polymorph)
  • alternative Kryten (RD5: The Inquisitor)
  • high Kryten (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • low Kryten (RD5: Demons & Angels)
  • Jake Bullet (RD5: Back to Reality)
  • alternative Kryten (2) (RD7: Ouroboros)

Captain Hollister Edit

  • Second Technician Hollister (RD8: Only the Good...)